Carnarvon Solar

Carnarvon is a great location to install a solar power system. With lots of sunshine every year, your solar panels will be able to generate a lot of renewable energy. Carnarvon installed the first solar farm in Australia owned by a private company. Carnarvon residents have had record uptake of solar energy for homes and businesses, but in the last few years restrictions from Horizon Power have made it difficult for residents to have new solar power systems installed . From July 1 2019 Horizon Power allowed another 10 megawatts of renewable power from small scale installations. This extra capacity is being generated by consumers and businesses in the region. Ten megawatts equates to about 2000 new solar installations with 5kW inverters. These installations are spread across several towns such as Carnarvon, Broome and Exmouth. Unfortunately the 10 megawatt limit has already been reached in this area, so Carvarvon residents can no longer get grid connected solar power systems. You can still install off grid power solar power systems and run completely on renewable energy. Contact Northwest Solar Power to find out more.

Carnarvon also has the (DER) Distributed Energy Resources trial. This trial is being used to determine the effect of clouds on solar power generation. A 3D sky camera will be installed to track weather and cloud movements. Participants in the trial will receive a Solar Smart Monitor from Horizon Power. The data provided by the Solar Smart Monitor will be timestamped and then matched with the sky camera data. Researchers from Murdoch University’s School of Engineering and Information Technology will analyse the data. They will then develop strategies to manage solar power generation and storage better.